Wisconsin Voices for Recovery – New Relationship

I am honored to announce that I have accepted a position with the University of Wisconsin – Madison School of Medicine and Public Health, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health, to provide outreach to Wisconsin Voices for Recovery,  a statewide peer-run movement that brings together people in and seeking recovery, their family members, professionals, and allies.

Wisconsin Voices for Recovery’s (WIVFR) mission is as follows:

We unite people that are in and seeking recovery, their family members, professionals, and allies.

We are supported by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Family Medicine and Community Health.

  • We are recovery advocates and all about action!
  • We believe that solutions to today’s most pressing issues are grounded in community and the recovery community is working diligently to ensure a better tomorrow for our loved ones.
  • We do not want to see one more person die from the disease of addiction and we will do all we can to improve the landscape of recovery support services in Wisconsin.

Recovery is value-added. People in recovery are better employees, family members, friends, citizens.

When you support recovery, you support a better community for all of us; you support a better State of Wisconsin.

Recovery works in Wisconsin!

Here is the announcement from Wisconsin Voices for Recovery:

We are very excited to announce that David B. Bohl has joined our team at Wisconsin Voices for Recovery. As a person in long-term recovery, David brings a passion for working with those affected by substance use/misuse. In addition to recovery coaching and recovery management involvement, some of David’s professional substance use and co-occurring disorder experience includes program development, administration and management, clinical supervision, consulting, intervention, assessment, counseling, support group facilitation, and case management. Immediately prior to joining WIVFR, David founded an independent recovery coaching and management practice. Prior to that, David was Director of Addiction Services at Rogers Behavioral Health, responsible for operational and clinical substance use disorder and co-occurring programming across the continuum. Welcome David!

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