Who am I?

David B. Bohl spent his childhood feeling like an outsider in his own family. “Who do I look like?” he wondered. “How do my genes explain who I am?”

Imagine living for decades not knowing who you really were, constantly feeling like part of your identity was missing.

For Bohl, author of the memoir Parallel Universes, it wasn’t until he started uncovering secrets of his past that he began to recover from trauma and addiction. Bohl will share his story March 12 at the Sun Prairie Public Library at 6:30 p.m. in the Community Room.

His story offers insight for those struggling with the reality of everyday life in today’s complicated world. Haunted by decades of unresolved issues relating to alcohol, addiction and adoption, his memoir offers hope to anyone struggling with obstacles that interfere with the enjoyment of life.

“Duality and addiction and later duality and recovery are challenging dance-steps for any of us,” he said. “How much more challenging is an integrated sense of identity if you’re adopted, if much of your past is locked away from you in someone else’s filing cabinet?”

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