THE SMOKER – Broadway on Demand Talk Back

I had the honor of participating as the addiction expert in an After Party Talk Back panel discussion about Bob Brader’s play The Smoker.

Here’s a  description of the play:

Smoker is multi-award-winning monologist Bob Brader’s acclaimed solo comedy about his 28-year love affair with smoking. As Bob tries to break up with his first love: “those sweet Camel lights” he realizes all the complex connections he has through smoking: how it helped him through a turbulent childhood, created jobs, opportunities and community, and one particular connection almost too precious to let go. At once hilarious and cautionary, Smoker expertly illuminates addiction with universal resonance.







If you’re a smoker or know one, if you’d like to learn more about addiction in general, or if you’d like to experience some creative entertainment, check out the play.  You’ll be glad you did.

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