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Facilitating Client Recovery

At Beacon Confidential, we understand the complexities professionals face when assisting clients struggling with addiction. Often, these clients turn to detrimental coping mechanisms—such as substance use, gambling, or maintaining unhealthy relationships—to manage their stress or to fit into an often insensitive world. These behaviors, though they may provide temporary relief, typically exacerbate the underlying issues.

Why Choose Us?

David B. Bohl, our founder, is uniquely qualified both as a professional in addiction and recovery and as a survivor of these challenges himself. His personal journey through substance use disorders recovery lends him a profound empathy and a comprehensive understanding of addiction’s intricacies. As a trusted master’s degreed recovery consultant, counselor, and coach—often embodying all these roles simultaneously—David guides each client’s journey with dedication and care. His expertise enables him to provide specialized, judgment-free support in a non-clinical setting, which is crucial for professionals seeking effective solutions for their clients.

Our Approach

David collaborates with you to understand the specific challenges your client faces. This may include addressing issues of unawareness, hopelessness, or a lack of direction, often compounded by personal traumas and early- and ongoing-life adversity.

In times of acute crisis, particularly related to substance misuse, David is available to provide immediate assistance to stabilize the situation. His role as a consultant and coach is instrumental, offering the necessary support to manage these critical moments effectively.

Following a thorough evaluation, David identifies the strengths, challenges, and immediate needs of your client. This assessment is crucial in developing a tailored action plan aimed at stabilizing and preparing your client for a sustainable recovery journey.

Recognizing that recovery is a continuous journey, David offers ongoing support, managing and coordinating all necessary steps including referrals, testing, and monitoring, which is essential for your client’s long-term recovery.

Each client’s recovery path is unique. David provides education tailored specifically to the needs of your client. This includes identifying the right resources and professionals to support their recovery. He also strengthens your professional capacity to support your client effectively through targeted coaching and resource sharing.

Specialized Support Services

For clients facing challenges related to relinquishment or adoption, David offers specialized consulting. His personal experience as a relinquishee provides him with unique insights into these complex issues, offering valuable guidance on developmental trauma, grief, and relationship dynamics.

Understanding and improving the dynamics surrounding your client is essential. David works to educate and guide professionals, facilitating better communication and stronger relationships within your client’s support system, which is vital for a nurturing and effective recovery environment.


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David is committed to providing a nurturing and safe environment for the recovery of your clients. His practical, results-oriented, and empathetic approach ensures that the recovery journey is respectful, professional, and tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

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Take the first step towards securing a new beginning for your client with Beacon Confidential, where their recovery is managed with the utmost care and professional insight.

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