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Separation, Adoption, and Relinquishment experiences are complicated and complex issues that affect thousands of individuals. When it comes to separation, there are a magnitude of risks and factors at play—developmental traumas, mental health issues such as chronic stress, increases in substance use disorders, unresolved grief (and, sadly, many others) — that need urgent and educated attending to. Yet, there’s still a lack of awareness of the special and unmet needs of relinquished persons and their families, both within and outside the adoption community.

Having isolated and studied a number of separation-specific issues, David B. Bohl has made it his mission to help his clients overcome and thrive within a solution-based, safe space. It is David’s own unique personal experience and professional expertise that helps clients navigate through their separation journeys in a judgement-free, non-clinical setting. David derives not only professional satisfaction from being able to help, but it is his connection with clients that make his services truly special and sought-after.


David prides himself on his extensive knowledge, his empathetic and open-minded approach, and his innate ability to identify and tackle some of the issues such as:

Redefining Relinquishment—Every story of separation/ relinquishment/ adoption/ fostering is a story of relinquishment. The negative consequences of relinquishment vary—from attachment styles, to relationship issues, to co-occurring disorders. Having been a relinquishee himself, David is especially attuned to these unique complexities. As a mental-health professional, David is highly skilled and trained to help both individuals and their families tell their stories in order to heal. But what makes him truly stand out is his sensitivity to narratives, having been a lauded author, speaker, and an advocate for adoptive communities.

Developmental Trauma—Complex trauma of a developmental nature generally involves abandonment issues. Complex trauma is somatic (physical) and cognitive (mental); it manifests in behaviors such as negative self-talk and feelings of shame, and its impact is chronic. Developmental trauma affects a large number of adopted individuals—if not all of them. David’s approach focuses on solution-oriented sessions where developmental trauma is always a part of successful coaching.

Grief—Very often, grief is not addressed and/ or assessed accurately. Covering grief can be extremely damaging to the individual as well as those around them. In his approach, David is able to sensitively balance his clients’ needs while helping them cope with feelings of grief, shame and/ or guilt.

Separation and Addiction—People who have been given up often struggle with self-regulating behaviors. They might have difficult managing moods, which affects their relationships. Such predispositions can often lead to developing addictive behaviors. Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) is a set of adversities that indicate the risk of an individual becoming prone to developing addiction—the adoptive population is especially vulnerable to ACEs. Having experienced addiction in his personal life and as a licensed addiction counselor, David is exceptionally sympathetic to those struggles and he believes that, with the right supports and coaching, addiction can be treatable.

Relationships—Because of a relinquishees’ issues with attachment, forming meaningful and healthy relationships can often become problematic. David is able to guide his clients through empathetic and informed approach to address issues with relationships, whether they’re within a romantic setting, with their families (adoptive and/ or biological ones) or with themselves.

Family Dynamic—Probably the most crucial and delicate of all is the relinquishee’s understanding and experience of family. The caregivers’ role is to educate relinquishees in age-appropriate and developmentally-appropriate ways, and help them to identify feelings. Navigating through the intricate and significant ways of relatability, David is able to isolate and direct his clients (individual or as a family) in being able to find a healthy, nourishing ways of existing within a family dynamic.

Other Issues—Because each individual and their family have a unique story, sometimes it is impossible to fit into just one box that needs addressing. For that reason, David is more than happy to come up with a plan customized specifically to his client’s distinctive needs that encompasses healing goals under David’s professional and empathetic guidance.

The Take-Away

Having been affected personally and through his extensive professional experience, David is able to help his clients heal in a nurturing, safe environment. His promise is to help you to be able to navigate through your healing journey. His promise is to keep your recovery solution-based, practical and above all, authentic and life affirming.

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Relinquishment and Adoption Consulting offers in-depth, non-therapeutic, private consultations with David B. Bohl on any and all of the issues specific to you and/or your family.

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Please note, David does not provide therapeutic services but rather coaching sessions. He is a solution-oriented, intuitive professional who will take his time to listen, asses, and come up with a plan to best help you. These services are offered to both individuals as well as families (or a combination of the two).

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