Christine Louise Hohlbaum, author of The Power of Slow


Years ago, when I connected with Christine Louise Hohlbaum, I had no idea how or when our paths would cross again.  At that time, the year was 2009, and Christine, a self-described speedaholic,  had included my Slow Down FAST work in a chapter titled Creatures of Habit in her book The Power of Slow.  Very appropriately, the banner of the section describing my story was headed:  Identify Your Pain Point, and the idea Christine drove home was that psychological pain, if one can gain awareness of it, can provide a catalyst for change. Truer words have never been spoken, and that has been my direct experience throughout my life.

Fast forward to 2018, and I’m delighted to report that Christine and I have connected again.  After reading Parallel Universes:  The Story of Rebirth, Christine related my narrative to her own experiences and wrote a blog post titled The time-robbing lure of addiction about her impressions. Thank you again, Christine, for your enthusiasm and interest.  I’m delighted that our universes have once again converged!

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