Beacon Confidential – Quick Start Guide

I am here to help professionals who have been impacted by addiction.

I fully understand the complexities, not only of substance misuse and mental health challenges, but also how to implement resources to immediately impact upon those challenges.

I offer a comprehensive range of services to assess your situation and provide services and recommendations (and referrals to other team members when appropriate). From consultation to crisis intervention to assessment to care delivery to family and colleague engagement and assisting in long-term recovery care, I work to ensure all parties have what they need to solve these oftentimes difficult obstacles to overcome.

Long-term management of substance and mental health challenges can be difficult, yet it does not have to be, and you needn’t go it alone.

What should you do when you cannot find a solution? Do what professionals do – Hire a professional. I can be that expert guide for you, your colleague, or your loved one.

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