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Individuals experience the world differently from others, having to deal with unique issues.  It is no surprise in today’s world that people seek coping mechanisms for stress  that allow them to feel “normal” and to be able fit into the world that is often insensitive to their specific needs. Often, those coping mechanisms are misguided, resulting in self-soothing behaviors such as drinking, gambling, or unhealthy relationships. 

The good news is that recovery is absolutely possible! Yet, in order to facilitate successful recovery, most of us need someone to guide us through this process—someone who understands the complexity of all the underlying issues; a sensitive and knowledgeable individual who just gets it. This is where David B. Bohl comes in. As a professional who has successfully recovered from alcohol (and nicotine), David is especially perceptive to the needs of his clients. As an Addiction & Recovery consultant and coach, David’s mission is to help his clients navigate their recovery in a judgement-free, non-clinical setting. He derives not only professional satisfaction from being able to help, but it is his unique connection with clients that make his services truly special and sought-after.


As a recovered person with Substance Use Disorder in Full Remission, a relinquishee, and a mental-health professional, David prides himself on his extensive knowledge, his empathetic and open-minded approach, and his innate ability to identify and help with the following necessary healing processes:

Consultation—In this stage, David meets with the client and their family (and/ or employers) to understand and asses the problem the person is struggling with. Many clients might struggle with unawareness, hopelessness, or lack of direction—all compounded by their traumatic experiences related to adoption. Because of David’s own experience as a person with addiction, he is instinctively familiar with those sorts of challenges and misgivings, and is able to isolate and identify the problem(s).

Crisis Intervention— In this role, David responds to a substance-related crisis and helps the client and their family navigate through necessary steps in order to address and stabilize the client and make them safe. Please note, David is not a medical professional and his role is that of a consultant and coach who is there to help when others might feel too overwhelmed to advocate for themselves.

Assessment—Following consultation, David will identify and evaluate the client’s strengths, weaknesses, needs, and immediate problems to figure out an action plan for how best to help them stabilize with the goal of moving into permanent recovery.

Case Management—Unlike Crisis Intervention, Case Management is an on-going guidance of the client as their family according to the planned framework. This includes helping with referrals for addiction-competent therapists, testing, monitoring, and any other necessary and practical steps, leading to further recovery. Similarly to the role of a navigator, David’s task is to oversee the details and nuance of all necessary aspects of recovery, which in turn frees his client(s) and their loved ones to focus solely on getting better. From arranging transportation—to treatment and recovery-based activities—to finding employment coaching, David will be there to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Family and Client Education—Recovery is not a One-Size-Fits-All. One of the biggest challenges for people entering recovery is knowing what exactly would be most beneficial for them specifically. Because of David’s exceptional knowledge of services geared toward relinquishees as well as those for people with addiction, he is able to pinpoint and identify resources that best serve this particular demographic. His network of professionals, helpful materials and connections, provides for a customized, client-centered education that helps the client and their family maintain and flourish in their recovery.

Recovery Coaching—Recovery from substances is difficult under the best circumstances. With chronic stress or other mental health concerns in the mix, recovery might present additional challenges. Based on his own experience and professional expertise, David is able to devise and execute a solution-based plan for his clients that targets their strengths rather than weaknesses.

Family Recovery Coaching—Recovery doesn’t happen in a vacuum. In order for a person to get better, she/he needs the support of not only their recovery coach, but also their family, friends, employers, and other significant people in their life. David’s approach is a strengths-based support for all those people who as a community learn how to heal.

The Take-Away

David believes in solution-based approach to coaching. What makes him stand out in his field is not only his experience, but also his genuine interest in providing healing in a nurturing, safe environment. David’s promise is to help people navigate through the journey of recovery from substances in the way that is respectful, kind, and always professional. His approach takes into consideration not only his clients’ history but also their future as a sober person, which helps him to customize the best plan that is practical, results-oriented, and authentic. David believes that almost anyone can recover from addiction—as long as they have the supports they need.


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Addiction & Recovery Consulting offers in-depth, non-therapeutic, private consultations with David B. Bohl on any and all of the issues specific to you and/or your family (available to organizations as well if they are part of the supports).

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Please note, David does not provide therapeutic services but rather coaching sessions. He is a solution-oriented, intuitive professional who will take his time to listen, asses, and come up with a plan to best help you. These services are offered to both individuals as well as families (or a combination of the two).

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